How To Connect Mobile Whatsapp To PC

How To Connect Mobile Whatsapp To PC
How To use mobile whatsapp on pc

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app for smartphones that works under a subscription plan of action. The proprietary, cross-platform app utilizes the Internet to send instant messages, pictures, video, client area and sound media messages.


  1. 1 By utilizing Whatsapp in your PC you can utilize the WhatsApp as it is on your mobile.
  2. 2 It is likewise used to Exchange your Desktop items to your mobile.
  3. 3 If you want to Transfer yours to desktop data instead of transfer to your data via USB you can use this for quick transfer.

It makes sure your mobile and pc connect with internet  


  1.  First, you Open your browser and search Open Whatsapp web.
  2.  It may set aside some opportunity to Load the QR Code Tick or untick the Stay Signed in.
  3. If you click Stay Signed In It won't naturally Signed out when your utilization the Whatsapp web for Some time.
  4. 4 If you untick the stay Signed in Option It Will Automatically Signed Out If you Didn't Use the Whatsapp Web For some time.

After that Click menu catch in your mobile Whatsapp.Go to Whatsapp Web.It will Automatically Search For the QR Code.

Click Whatsapp

Scan the QR Code in the Pc screen.

After Successful Scanning you can use the WhatsApp on your pc.

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It is legitimate Website of WhatsApp.In last refresh of web.watsapp you have to turn on your mobile network even after associated with pc, or else your record will be consequently sign Out. If you send the Photos And Videos Via Your Desktop They Not Downloaded In your Mobile. They Will Remain Not Downloaded Files. If you Want them in your mobile You can Download It. (E.g)If You send a document Sized 500 Kb Via Whatsapp Web The File A will Remain UnDownloaded In your Mobile Whatsapp. If you Want that You can Download It Afterwards.

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